What is CCTV Sewer Inspection And How Does It Work?

Introduction to CCTV Sewer Inspection

In Closed Circuit Television Video (CCTV) sewer inspection, a CCTV camera is used to view inside pipelines, sewer lines, and drains. Plumbing technicians can check the cause of sewer problems using CCTV cameras instead of more invasive methods such as digging or taking down walls or floors to gain access to plumbing. This type of sewer inspection tends to be a more cost-effective method for finding blockages in sewers and pipes.

Role of CCTV video camera in Sewer Inspection

The use of CCTV video cameras can help homeowners to identify the cause of sewer damage, including:

  • Root intrusion
  • Pipe cracking
  • Offset joint pipes
  • Corrosion
  • Deterioration over time
  • Poor installation or previous repair efforts
  • Accidental puncturing
  • Severe blockage

The working procedure of CCTV Pipe Inspection

There may be variations in how each professional plumbing company performs CCTV pipe inspections. For the inspection of closed-circuit television (CCTV)-equipped piping, plumbing companies most often use equipment vans manufactured by the SECA. The SECA software allows the robotic, remotely controlled CCTV cameras to be inserted between 1.5 feet to 72 feet diameter pipes through existing sewer entry points. Even adjacent sewer laterals up to 80 feet can be inspected by self-propelled cameras. You can see a detailed picture of the sewer pipe’s condition once the cameras are inserted so that you can detect any very serious damages.

To identify pipe damage areas, CCTV cameras use the following features:

  • Automatic and remote (manual) focus
  • Zoom up to 40x (optical and digital)
  • Iris control
  • Pipe lighting capabilities for any diameter from 6″ up to 48″

Choosing an ideal professional plumbing company

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