The Main Reasons Behind Noisy Pipes



Noisy Pipes

If you are hearing noises coming out from pipes, that indicates a plumbing issue. Take it as a warning sign and do not neglect it. Contact an experienced plumber in your area to check it out. You might be doing yourself a favor by preventing a potential pipe burst or a toilet overflow. A serious plumbing problem can jeopardize normal day-to-day activities and can cost a fortune to repair. 

Here you can read about the common reasons behind noisy pipes. If you encounter any of these problems, call the plumber to have a look. 

Shuddering Pipes

This is commonly a problem with high-pressure taps. It is caused by a hydraulic phenomenon called the water hammer. It is caused due to the sudden closure of taps. Since the water was coming out at a pressure, an abrupt closure causes it to hit the valve with a shockwave. It can cause the pipe to rattle and lets out a characteristic noise. It is caused more in older pipes where the internal air cushion has been reduced due to wear and tear. The plumber will replace the faucet with a slow-flow one to solve this problem. 

Rattling pipes 

Sometimes, pipes become loose after years of usage. This causes them to sway and thereby results in a rattling sound. The swaying effect can also result in leaks at the joints and valves between successive pipes. The plumber will tighten the pipes where they have gotten loose, and replace them if necessary. 

Noisy copper pipes

Copper expands more than steel pipes when hot water is passed through it. In tight quarters, these expanded copper pipes can rub noisily against the structural features of your home, like studs, joints, and brackets. Call the plumber if you pick up a noise every time hot water is passed through the copper pipes. The stress and expansion, and contraction can make the pipes loose as well. It can be avoided by installing foam padding around the pipes. 

Worn-out washers

Worn-out washers in taps cause a whistling sound in the pipes. This can be heard as a squeaking sound where the pipe is connected to the washing machine. It is caused due to the forced passage of water through a smaller opening caused by worn-out washers. The washer can be replaced by an expert plumber. 

Contact a Good Plumber

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