Soapy Water Leak Test to Detect a Gas Leak

Soap water leak test for gas leak

To avoid any gas leaks, it is crucial to keep an eye on how you check for gas cylinder leaks. It is generally safe to do a “soapy water leak test” or a “soap bubble test” when checking for a gas leak. While conducting soapy water tests for leaks, you can find bubbles that indicate LPG or Natural Gas leaks. To conduct this simple test, coat all gas transmission parts (pipes, hoses, valves, etc.) with soapy water and pressurise the system. Any time you see bubbles, you know there is a leak.

Preparing the gas leak check solution

Mix dish detergent with water to make the solution for the soap test for gas leaks. Pour the soap into a spray bottle or pour it into a bowl and sponge it on. It is advantageous to use dishwashing soap to determine whether a gas leak has occurred because it makes over a thousand bubbles. Dish soap is formulated to have a high sudsing content, whereas liquid laundry detergent lacks that. Make sure the entire hose assembly, from the gas bottle valve to the LPG connection or heater, is covered with the soap solution. You can sniff for rotten eggs or soap bubbles by opening the valve to pressurise the system without turning on the burners.

Advanced technology capable of detecting leaks

Two factors will determine the success of leak detection. The first involves experience and process, while the second involves technology and equipment. It’s common for leaks to start out as a minor problem, but over time that minor problem can easily become a significant one. Because Hillier Plumbing understands the nature of gas leaks, it has become very proficient at not only diagnosis but also repair of gas leaks.

Looking for a leak repair expert

In many cases, leak repair is as tricky as its location, especially when multiple services are involved and access is limited. Hillier Plumbing provides leak repair services throughout the Northern Beaches. Professionals on our team have been specially trained in repairing leaks and locating leaks. Contact us for honest advice on gas leak detection and repair.