Neutral Bay Gas Re-Run & Plumbing

Project Duration: 06 days | Hillier Plumbing

Extensive Gas Re-Run & Plumbing Project Brief

Members of the Neutral Bay property Body Corporate Committee approached Hillier Plumbing to help upgrade the site’s current gas system following a failed site inspection by local gas authorities which revealed that the current gas infrastructure failed to meet industry codes and standards as well as regulatory requirements.

The committee approached us to not only create a new distribution route for the site’s gas pipelines, which distributed 210 KPA mains pressure gas beneath the underground car park but also to relocate five onsite gas meters from their current location within nearby commercial shops to a designated safer area within the car park.

Our Neutral Bay Approach

We met with members of the body corporate early on in the project to discuss objectives and goals to ensure that we had a clear idea and understanding of the extent of the problem. As plumbing and gas professionals, we had to ensure that our solutions would adhere to strict standards and codes and we needed to take into consideration industry regulations and quality control measures. With experience in the field and knowledge of potential hazards and dangers which could result from poorly completed gas projects, we sought out further advice and guidelines from gas authorities.

Once relevant authorities, all committee members and involved parties were on the same page regarding project goals, solutions and project deadlines, the project was scheduled and rerun commenced.

Obstacles Faced And Overcome

Plumbing projects and gas reruns always pose obstacles, but with experience and thorough preparation, we were able to overcome the obstacles which we did expect to pop up during the project. As professionals, we know of alternative solutions and immediate resolutions to employ when the expected happens, ensuring that significant or minor obstacles are quickly managed and resolved with the best method possible.

Potential Danger

High gas pressure if incorrectly rerouted or not reduced before rerouting is a quick step to creating a rupture and all the dangers which accompany this hazardous situation. In order to avoid all dangerous outcomes caused in an event of a rupture, we installed a step-down gas regulator on the external side of the building which reduced the pressure to 7KPA before rerunning the gas pipework. WIth lowered pressure, we were able to safely relocate the gas meters and rerun the pipework to the commercial shops.

Project Complexity

Due to the complex nature of this project, and a need to pass a compliance test, we avoided a failed outcome by researching industry requirements, codes and standards and planned each step within the project with all our research and industry requirements incorporated into every phase of the project, avoiding the omission of any vital industry steps and ensuring every project task was completed with the highest standards in mind. Following another inspection by the gas authority and surpassing all requirements, the property was issued with a certificate of compliance.

Our Neutral Bay Outcome

Looking back on this project, we would not change our approach as the desired outcome was successfully achieved.

From years of experience and working in this industry for so long, we knew that Hillier Plumbing was going to deliver on project goals and achieve compliance. We are very proud of our team, including the technicians who worked late nights and to precision to complete the project at hand to the highest of standards.

It’s a rewarding feeling when you complete a tidy, high-quality job on time and within budget for your client and then receive approval from top authorities in the industry.

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