Introduction to Hydro Jetting Technique

Working procedure of hydro jetting

If your drainage pipe is collapsed rather than clogged, hydro jetting cannot fix the problem. In the case of hydro jetting, sewer repair contractors have access to pipes via something called a cleanout. There is a cap on this section of pipe, which allows accessing the drainage system easily. Using the cleanout, the nozzle is then inserted into the pipe, and pressurised water is shot into the obstruction until it is damaged and washed away. An experienced hydro jetting contractor knows how much water pressure is required to dislodge obstructions without damaging the pipe. This is why hydraulic jetting is not a project that you can do on your own. It is highly recommended to perform hydro jetting by experienced contractors.

Ideal time for hydro jetting

When a drain becomes clogged, the plunger is typically the first thing you should reach for. In case it doesn’t work, try snaking. Most of the time, it is very effective in removing occasional obstructions such as food and toilet paper. This may not solve your problem, so call a professional to inspect the line with a CCTV camera, then hydro jet it. In most cases, hydro jetting can eliminate stubborn obstructions that are not responsive to other methods.

Maintain your sewer system by hydro jetting

As part of a scheduled maintenance program, some property owners hydro jet their sewer lines. Some old pipes have never been jetted, though they may need it every two years or every year, depending on the age of the pipe. Maintenance is typically required on kitchen drains and lines in restaurants. You might have to hydro jet your line every year if you use the garbage disposal or wash a lot of greasy dishes in your sink.

Choosing an ideal professional plumbing company for hydro jetting

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