How to detect a leak in your plumbing line


Signs of Leakage

Being aware of the early warning signs of a leaking water line is good for your home. A leak can happen anywhere along the plumbing line, and if neglected, can lead to serious circumstances such as a pipe burst. If your plumbing lines have not had servicing in years, the chances are that they might have developed leaks at different spots. Pay attention to the warning signs and call a plumber if you detect a leak. 

Here are the main signs that your plumbing line has a leakage. If you notice one or more of these, call a professional for inspection and repairs. Pinpointing the leak is a problem, especially if it is located behind the wall. Advanced leak detection technology amplifies the sound coming from behind the walls. 

Other technologies include cameras that can peek in difficult spaces and tools to detect temperature differences on the walls. However, the first step of leak detection is to look for the clues mentioned below. 

Poor Water Pressure 

If the water pressure from the faucets has suddenly dropped down, it may indicate that there is a loss of water somewhere along the plumbing line. Sometimes, it may be an issue with the valve, but it is worth checking it out with a licensed plumber. 

Rusty Discoloration

Have a look at the visible portion of the pipes, especially if you have ones made of iron. Look particularly near the unions to locate a rusty discoloration. It typically means that water is constantly dripping away from that part. 

Sewer Odor

If you are smelling sewer gas in your home, it may mean that there is a crack in the vent line. Immediately call the professionals because tracking down a vent crack can be difficult. It can be hidden behind the wall and would require opening up the wall to locate it. 

Damp Spots

If you are noticing damp spots at places where they should not be, it can mean a concealed pipe is leaking. It often shows dampness or discoloration of the carpet. If you locate it, do not delay with the repairs. 

Bubbling or Flaking Paints 

If the paint on your walls is bubbling or flaking, it is usually caused by water seepage. There might be visible signs of water around light fixtures or in the ceiling. 

Hissing sound from behind the walls

If water is being released under pressure, it will generate a distinct hissing sound. 


If the walls at your home have mould growth, it means you have a serious leak problem at hand. 

Call upon Experienced Plumbers

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