Gas Installation Services in Sydney

Benefits of using gas

Gas offers the following benefits:

  • Significant savings on utility bills
  • Easy to regulate temperatures on cooktops
  • Vastly superior heating compared to plug-in heaters
  • Gas will never run out in the middle of cooking
  • Easier on the environment

Roles and responsibilities of a gas plumber

A licensed gas plumber is required to perform any gas work in every state of Australia. Licensed gas plumbers can:

    • Install, repair, and replace gas appliances 
  • Install gas bottles including gas lines, regulators, changeover valves, and pigtails
  • Install and repair gas flue pipes 
  • Install gas detection systems
  • Conduct leak testing and repairs
  • Installation of gas pipe from the meter to your house

Installation of gas pipe from meter to your house

Gasfitters are licensed professionals who can install gas appliances and come to your home or office promptly. With their knowledge, expertise, and equipment, they can safely detect a gas leak, repair gas appliances, and make your home safe again. Gas is routed from the meter to the rooms or points where you want gas by running copper pipe under or along the sides of your house. There are several factors that determine the difficulty of this task:

  • The length of the pipe needed for a particular home will depend on its size.
  • How easy it is to access the space where the pipe will be clipped. In comparison with a freestanding, single-floor house, installing gas to a terrace house will be more difficult because the plumber will need to work under your house in a very confined space.
  • The number of points you have. 

Choosing a professional company for gas installation service

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